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Magento Extension Conflict
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Manage conflicts between extensions

A magento plugin is natively designed to rewrite magento behaviour.
This way you can download magento extensions to build a unique magento website.

But Sometimes same extensions are trying to rewrite the same basic magento feature, so the first one will take over : a conflict extension will appear. You’ll face a high risk of bug, lack of performances, strange Magento behaviour or crash.

Magento Extension Conflict helps you to manage conflicts :
• List all existing conflicts on your magento website
• Display the solution to fix the conflicts
• Keep trace of resolved conflicts for future upgrade You can also test if an extension will raise conflicts before you install it !

Screen Magento conflict


It remains important to detect these mistakes in order to take full advantage of magento modules capabilities. With our Magento Extension Conflict

List all installed extensions
At a glance, Our Magento conflict checker can check all installed extensions on your website and extensions version

Back-up Function
The all new release Magento extension conflict 2.0 allows you to save tracked conflicts before solving them. Find a simple list of your magento extensions, your back-ups, comparisons and virtual module.

Instructions to fix
Magento Extension conflict allows you to detect conflicts between extensions on magento : a list of your extensions is generated and if two extensions have conflict, the extension will give you instructions to resolve this opposition

Not sure if an extension has been customized ? The comparison tool helps you to compare the core file with files installed on your server, for a secure upgrade ! You can easily see if an installed plugin has been modified.

Events directory
The events directory lists every extensions listening for specific events : it is a very useful tool to fix a problem or identify performance issues

Screen Magento conflict 3

Logs and reports viewer
With this feature, you can easily consult the error messages stored in the log files and reports.

Screen Magento conflict 2

Magento Cron monitoring
Cron issues are mostly hard to analyse as magento doesn’t provide any information about this in the admin panel : hopefully, Magento Extension Conflicts list all cron task with their last executions and the time spent.
You can also get warning when your cron configuration is not correct.

Enable or disable extensions
You also have the possibility to enable or disable your magento extensions : this way you can watch their behaviour.

Screen Magento conflict 4


Très pratique


by Matthieu

Extension efficace qui fonctionne parfaitement ! Un gain de temps important dans la résolution des conflits. Il manquerait peut être juste la possibilité d'exporter les résultats au format CSV (dans le cadre de la rédaction d'un rapport ou d'un audit par exemple).

Works as described


by Matthieu Delacour

Works as described

Très pratique



Facile à installer et permet de voir les conflits entre modules. Les indications pour résoudre les conflits sont simples et efficaces.

Very good service


by Benjamin Folkmann Hansen

Very good service

smart extension


by Johan Strand

the only bad thing is that i didnt found this before..

Pretty good - Does what it is suposed to


by Casper Nielsen

Good for the price.

Une extension qui m'aide beaucoup


by paula Breaban

Facile à installer et à utiliser, cette extension m'a déjà, aidé par égard aux autres extensions que j'utilise ou je voulais utiliser. Merci !

Does what it says on the tin!


by Steve Field

Very handy module. Definitely worth the small price to save time trawling through modules to find the conflicts.

efficace mais pas assez documenté


by Bruno Baumstark

efficace mais pas assez documenté

Très bon



Très bon produit

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